What is Drop-In Kid Care?

It's Licensed Hourly Childcare!
Supervised PLAYTIME.
Meanwhile, parents can go shopping, attend meetings, do date night. Whatever you like!
The kids will have just as much fun as you will! 

Full Time Openings Available


Drop-In Kidcare

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910 W Idaho St., Downtown Boise

Our Policies

​​ Enrollment
  • ​All paperwork must be filled out upon first visit.
  • ​Current Immunizations will be verified through IRIS (Idaho Datatbase).
  • ​If you are from out of State you must bring your vaccination record upon first visit. 
  • ​No Immunization exemptions will be accepted.

​Food and Snack s
  • ​Our center does not provide meals or snacks.
  • ​If your child will be will us for an extended period of time, we strongly suggest you send a meal and or snack with your child.

​In an effort to protect ALL children in our facility. We will not allow children to attend if they are experiencing the following:
  • ​Vomiting
  • ​Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • ​Persistent Cough
  • ​A temperature of ​101.0 F or greater
  • ​Obvious contagious conditions, such as head lice or pink eye
  • General appearance of being unwell and unable to participate in activities comfortably. 
​If your child becomes ill while in our care, we will contact you so you can make arrangements to pick up your child. 

​​​In ​response to misbehavior our staff will:
  • `Respect your child
  • ​`Establish clear rules
  • ​`Use positive language to express desired behavior
  • `Redirect your child to a new activity
  • ​`If necessary, a time out will be issued; for not longer than one minute per year of the child's age. 

  • ​Our facility accepts children who are up to date on ALL Immunizations. No exemptions will be accepted.
  • ​Immunizations will be verified on IRIS (Idaho Immunization Database).
  • If your are from out of State, you will be required to bring in a vaccination record to recieve childcare.